Help your clients maximize their legacy.

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Help Your Clients Maximize Their Legacy

XL Heritage is Indexed Universal Life insurance that is designed to provide guaranteed death benefit protection with a single premium1, as well as liquidity, growth features, and living benefits that baby boomers may need, all in one plain and simple product.
  • Simple product
  • Simple application process
  • Simplified underwriting
  • Immediate answer
It’s life insurance everyone can understand, and everything you need to start selling is right here.

Your Quick Start Guide to XL Heritage


Show your clients this video about the simplicity of XL Heritage.



Give your clients an example of how a single premium can maximize their legacy.


Use this section with your clients to help kickstart the application process.



Here’s where you’ll find everything you may need to start selling XL Heritage.

Why Midland National?

As one of the leading providers of life insurance in the United States, Midland National has fulfilled commitments to customers since 1906. With outstanding customer service, competitive products, and a foundation of financial strength, Midland National helps customers with the support they need during their most challenging times so they can focus on the things that matter most. You can have confidence in Midland National.