Policy review online tool

Policy review online tool
Your client chose their current life insurance policy because it best suited their needs at the time. But have those needs changed?

Protecting your clients with life insurance can also protect your assets under management. Death could be your client's biggest liquidity event.

This policy review tool is an intuitive questionnaire that links you up with Midland National's team of life insurance pros. They'll review the client's info and contact you with recommendations within 24 hours.

Starting the life insurance conversation

There’s a simple formula that you can use to begin a life insurance policy review conversation: Opener, Thinking, Concern, Action (OTCA). Here’s what a policy review OTCA conversation might look like.


Establish your connection with the client. The connection can help the client welcome the call.
Hi Paula. It was good to see you the other day at the charity auction for life excellence.


Convey to the client that you’ve been thinking about them.
Paula, since we last spoke, I’ve broadened my practice to include life insurance planning, and it made me think of you.


Explain that your thoughts led to a concern you have about them and their financial situation.
My concern is, although we’ve done a great job with financial planning and putting you in position to obtain your financial goals, we haven’t discussed your life insurance plans.


Ask to get the client’s opinion about a solution that could help them. Close with a call to action.
Paula, I’d like to get together with you and do a thorough policy review to make sure you are properly covered, and the plans you have are working as intended. What works better for you next week? Mornings or afternoons?

See the OTCA method in action

If you’ve ever needed help figuring out how to reach out to a client about life insurance, this simple sales technique can help. The OTCA method uses four steps to help you approach your clients.

What is the OTCA Method?

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Introducing the DIME approach

The policy review online tool uses the DIME approach to assess a client’s death benefit need. It is a simple but effective approach that stands for Debt, Income, Mortgage, and Everything Else.

What is the DIME Approach?

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