The Legacy Portrait



Make sure your wishes and end-of-life choices are understood. Discuss topics often seen as taboo like wills or estate plans. Prevent confusion about assumed wealth transfer.



Navigate tough conversations in a safe space. Unite differing opinions on equity/fairness. Encourage the next generation to be good stewards of your wealth.



Leave a legacy that goes beyond money. Strengthen family ties through shared values and vision. Put your mind at ease knowing your goals have been clearly understood.


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Your family legacy

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'Sandwich' generation white paper series

  • Look who's not talking

  • The retirement squeeze

  • Lost in translation

  • Millennials & retirement

  • Men vs. women

  • Generation to generation


Look who's not talking!

The 'Sandwich' generations, Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers, are not talking to each other about retirement planning.

  • See how today's retirees aren't passing along realistic or practical advice to younger generations. 
  • Read about the growing dependence on younger generations to support their parents' retirement.
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The retirement squeeze

Taking care of both parents and kids makes retirement planning a big challenge.

  • Examine how prepared you are to deal with the squeeze.
  • Learn how the dueling demands of raising kids while helping out parents could be distracting you from retirement planning.
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Lost in translation

Research shows parents have learned lessons but struggle communicating.

  • You'll see how parents seem to be learning their lessons when it comes to retirement.
  • Take a look how how those lessons aren't translating into actionable advice for the next generation.
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Millennials and retirement: Irrational optimists?

Millennials are optimistic about their retirement future, but based on how much they've saved so far and the debt they are taking on, should they be?

  • By 2025, millennials will represent 75% of the global workfoce.
  • Read how those from roughly 21 to 40 years old think they're doing and where they might need your help.
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Retirement planning among the sexes

The Sandwich Generation spin-off picks up where the Empowered study leaves off, looking at how men and women across the Sandwich generations are doing:

  • In exploring differences among the Sandwich generations, we spotted several areas where men and women were answering questions in notably different ways.
  • See how those differences might impact the way you approach communicating with a spouse or partner.
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From generation to generation

From Baby Boombers to Millennials, we look at key financial and retirement preparedness trends among the Sandwich generations:

  • Adding another layer of insights to last year's findings, we look at the range of perceptions, preferences and, most importantly, actual preparedness comparing Boomers, Gen X, and now Millennials.
  • Explore where history seems to be repeating and where the younger generations are learning lessons from generations past.
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Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations

The graphics below reveal how a breakdown in communication, preparation, and trust can lead to misfortune.

Generation 1

Hard work, sacrifice and determination allowed this generation to build wealth. They lived humbly, and passed their work, wealth and a few family values to their children.

Generation 2

They watched their parents’ determination and wisdom in building wealth, and grew their legacy over time. They learned a few lessons from the 1st generation, though not always the right lessons. When they passed their wealth to their children, they didn’t properly prepare them for the inheritance. This breakdown in communication yielded unfortunate results.

Generation 3

Born into a comfortable lifestyle, the 3rd generation didn’t learn the lessons of sacrifice and hard work their grandparents valued. The missed communication and preparation over the years led this generation to spend their inheritance, draining the family’s wealth.

Break the cycle

The Legacy Portrait could help your family start communicating.


...of family wealth will be lost by the end of the 3rd generation1.



...of lost wealth is due to a trust and communication breakdown among family members1.



...of lost wealth is because of families’ failure to properly prepare heirs for an inheritance1.

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